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Time management is about managing your time so you don't feel constantly pressured and harried and harassed by other people. You really do need to learn to know what you wish to accomplish and the choices that are going to be right for you. Being really concerned about time is really common among students and entrepreneurs. Everyone understands the old adage "time is money," and you have to learn to be really efficient in how you use that time, especially when you're juggling home, school, and work, and trying to meet the needs of other people in your life.

Upon the successful completion of this unit, you will be able to understand why it's important to manage your time. You'll also be able to identify your time thieves, those things that steal away your time when you should be doing some things that are important to you in both to your business, your home, and your learning life. You'll be able to set time management goals that reflect what you really need to be doing, and you're going to put together a time management plan that you can adapt as you go along.

Effective time management involves knowing first of all what you want to accomplish. It involves making choices, planning to accomplish the priorities, balancing work with personal activities, and taking charge of your life. Time management really is about learning how to run your whole life.

You're going to look at those things like time mysteries, which could be something like your inability to say no. Or time gobblers: people who drop in to see you because you work at home and they think you're not busy so they can sit and talk with you all day. Or time contaminators: those times when you're taking your break, and you should be enjoying yourself, and you're busily worrying about what you haven't finished on your computer.

You will also learn effective time management techniques to help you avoid procrastination. For instance, you will learn how to plan your time so that you focus on the important things and eliminate the unimportant things in your life. You will develop an awareness of yourself as the learner and your role as a small business owner. You'll learn how to use the calendar and action plan and list making, and organizing your desk so that things flow better for you.

You will complete the unit by developing a personalized time management plan that's right for you. Remember, managing your time is the best gift that you can give yourself as a new student and potential small business owner.

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