Video: Module 8 – Introduction

Presenter: Kay Ryan

Speaker Kay Ryan

Well you’re on the “home-stretch”. You should feel very proud of yourself. You have learned a great deal over the past few weeks and now you are ready to prepare your business plan.

All the information leading up to this point has given you the basis for writing a really good plan for your particular business.

In this module you’ll put it all together.

You will write a detailed overview of your planned company, products and services… with clear, measurable goals to achieve success.

You will identify your target customer and markets, based on your market research.

You will list your suppliers, identify your competitors, and outline how you will operate your business on a daily basis.

You will detail your marketing plan and outline your promotional tools.

And you will know every government rule and regulation pertaining to your particular business and will address their compliance in your business plan.

Then you’ll amaze even yourself with a strong financial plan that any banker or investor would be very impressed by.

At this point we would be happy to critique your plan and counsel you through your business start-up and first year of operations.

Congratulations, you have done an incredible job!

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