Video: Module 5 – Introduction

Presenter: Kay Ryan

Speaker Kay Ryan

Welcome to Module 5 – you’re half way through the course. Is it all starting to come clear to you now?

In this module we are going to talk about starting a Home Based Business.

We think that most of you will start your business off this way. It’s best to keep your expenses down at first and see how your business is going to do before rushing out to locate to a store-front or rented office space.

We will help you determine whether or not a HBB is suitable for your business venture, and what the advantages and disadvantages are of locating at home.

We’ll go over the appropriate layout for your home enterprise and help you determine what type of equipment is suitable for your purposes.

In this module we’ll also stress the importance of advertising options when operating a HBB.

Can you separate your home-life from your business-life, lots of things to consider!

But it can be done.

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