Video: Module 3 – Introduction

Presenter: Kay Ryan

Speaker Kay Ryan

Wow, wasn’t Module 2 an eye-opener?

Now on to Module 3 and Learning How to Identify Your Market

In this module we want you to understand the importance of marketing your business for success.

We want you to really be able to define your marketing objectives.

Some of this will be a review of what you learned in Module 1 and… now how it relates to your particular business.

We want you to really define your product or services, and describing the various types of marketing tools that you have chosen to promote your business.

You’ll now need to decide on what methods of distribution will work best for you.

Then you’ll learn all about pricing strategies, and how to determine what it really costs to produce your products or services, in order to come up with an accurate selling price.

And finally, ….you’ll develop your own marketing and promotional plan for your particular business!

Looks of work to do, but so much fun because you’re doing it for yourself!

Carry on!

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