Video: Module 1 – Introduction

Presenter: Kay Ryan

Speaker Kay Ryan

Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?

In Module 1 we’ll help you explore self-employment!

We’ll define what an entrepreneur really is and what they really do.

We’ll describe the characteristics of an entrepreneur and you can discover what entrepreneurial traits you might already possess.

We’ll help you identify what resources you already have for your business and what you still need to obtain.

And we’ll help you understand the myths of starting a small business.

In our first module we’ll teach you the skills you’re going to need to be a successful entrepreneur.

And we’ll let you know why businesses can fail before you make some of those mistakes.

We’ll help you do a little “soul-searching” and come up with the reasons why you want to join the ranks of the self-employed.

In this module you’ll learn about all the advantages and disadvantages of becoming self-employed.

And finally you’ll be able to assess your potential as an entrepreneur, before you take the plunge!

Are you ready? Then let’s begin!

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